Updated Sipdroid/G. Voice Guide (from XDA)

These instructions will explain how to get Sipdroid and Google Voice set up so you can use your Android phone with only WiFi or 3g/Edge (no cellular minutes). It also provides a solution to get Google Voice accounts validated for people who lack a US phone number.

Several months have passed and a few things have changed since my last update. I want to thank everyone who has been helping out & passing on new information to us. I will try to rework this guide to make it a little less confusing and include some of the updated solutions users have come across.

Before we get any further make sure you have the newest version of SIPdroid

Get a Google Voice Account

Now that we have that ready, let’s open a new tab and go to: SIPGate (if you can’t use them due to SMS verification please see the section on IPKall)

Once you finish signing up follow these steps:

Add another extension (because the first one will not always ring through or ring back if you are placing a call on it)

Adds a direct incoming connection from sipgate to pbxes (w/o sipsorcery between)

Open a tab for SIPSorcery

Set up your account as demonstrated in the images below

Get a dial plan from code.google.com/p/google-voice-sipsorcerydialplans

Next we move on to PBXes
Create an account and set it up as follows:

Create another trunk with your SIPGate (second ext.) credentials to use for incoming calls

Add an extension

Create an inbound route for the SIPGate trunk as well

Now you will need to create an outbound route



For those who cannot get SMS to sign up for SIPGate we have another option. Here is what you will need to do.
If you already have SIPGate working you don’t need to do this

Example of IPKall Setup:

Account type: SIP
Phone Number: gvguide-99
SIP Proxy: pbxes.com
Email Address: your@email.address
<—Must be a valid email address Password:
Seconds to Ring before Hang Up: 180

Back at PBXes set up a Ring Group and inbound route so your extension can receive SIP calls directly

If all is correct, you should now be able to log into Sipdroid using the credentials for the pbxes extension you created. Just enter user name and password in Sipdroid and go validate your Google Voice forwarding #. If you don’t get the verification call or DTMF doesn’t work, check to make sure everything matches the setup above. I took these screen shots while creating all new accounts to assure it will work exactly as displayed.

Good luck to all. It’s a little bit of work, but well worth it.

BTW: I know it’s not necessary, but I include PBXes for longer battery life and less lag during calls. They allow TCP connections, and use of low bitrate codecs.

37 responses

22 06 2010
Glen Malone

Hello, I have a question when you set up the sip account information and apply it to sipdroid or fring the number that is show is my sipgate number. Is there any way that my google voice number can show instead of that one. Thank you for your time.

22 06 2010
Garry Kraemer

Would it be possible for you to answer questions on this setup? I have an HTC EVO and I can recieve calls, but I can’t make calls. I have not been able to figure out what the problem with outbound calls is. I would like to do it direct through emails.


27 06 2010
R Harr

So thanks for the detailed tutorial and screenshots. Not being familiar with the whole space (SipDroid, SipGate, SipSorcery, PBXes) but wanting IP calling on my android phone (as Skype/Fring is not available), I am trying to go this route. Your tutorial assumes some information in a few places that I likely have not gotten right though as I cannot get the Google call to ring through. So let me see if I can get clarification to get this working.

Second trunk that you mention to setup but provide no screen shots that is to use the second Sipgate line should use Sipgate credentials instead of sipsorcery credentials as used in first trunk? Server is sipgate.com? Have to duplicate doing inbound and outbound trunks for this second trunk as well like you show doing for the first trunk with images?

Sipdroid username is your PBXes username with the -## (or ‘dash extension number’) — that is, the extension username? Password is extension password?

BTW, pbx4.png is not linked to the image (so you cannot click it to get it larger).

27 06 2010
R Harr

One other item. PBXes.org limits the SipSorcery password entry in the Trunk definition to 15 characters. SipSorcery accepts longer. So you have to make sure your SipSorcery password is 15 or shorter. Also SipSorcery and PBXes.org drop all characters to lower case (even if you use mixed case) for the username.

27 06 2010
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6 07 2010

Unfortunately sipgate doesn’t have new numbers available at this time.

sipsorcery is not allowing new account creation

so… bummer. these instructions are no longer valid.

ipkall will issue new numbers, though.

7 07 2010

Sipgate does not have available numbers at this time.
Can you recommend another provider?

15 07 2010
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18 07 2010

This guide was excellent! It was the only thing that I could find that spoke my language. Thanks greatly.

I do have one question, I have everything completed as directed above. What do I do as far as my phone is concerned? I have a samsung vibrant and a mytouch G3 slide. I guess what I’m asking is, what is the next step?

19 07 2010

Love your guide to SIP Droid however I’m stuck. I can’t register SIP Gate as I don’t have a US number to SMS. I have completed the PBXES.com and IPKALL and SIP Sorcery registration as you recommended if people cannot use SIP Gate but your guide is not complete. If you follow your guide, you still give PBXES your trunk details from SIP Sorcery but there is no SIP Provider detail to give SIP Sorcery. What am I supposed to be putting into the SIP Providers detail in SIP Sorcery??

23 07 2010

hi I’m having trouble i entered everything like you showed me on the website but when i go to use sipdroid it dials then hangs up 5 secs later, any idea what would be going wrong ??

26 07 2010

Thank you for your very detail and laborious works!

26 07 2010

Evidently sipsorcery is no longer accepting new accounts so you may have to finally update this some.

30 07 2010
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3 08 2010
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28 08 2010

hey thanks for posting all this! just figuring all out to make calls over wifi… sipsorcery is now selling and auctioning off accounts, i guess i will try the 2nd method.

4 09 2010
Kevin Krol

I came across your blog while searching for a way to be able to make calls via my in-home wi-fi as I have really poor (non-existant, actually) cellular signal coverage inside the house.

I went through the process of setting up a google voice account, set up a SIPgate account, but it seems that it is no longer possible to set up a SIPsorcery account. They are not offering numbers. Is there an alternative? Thanks, in advance.

7 09 2010
Roy Ash

For the Ipkall setup do you need two inbound routes? After you create your ring groups?

11 09 2010
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13 09 2010

Even though I had a IPKall phone number, it has already used by someone in google voice. So I cancel the number, and tried to get the other one. But that one also already used in google voice by someone.
I wanted to use Sipgate, but there is no choice KDDI (Sprint). So I can not use it, either. Do you have any idea ? Please help me.

13 09 2010

SIP sorcery is closed!!
And I can’t register at sipgate because of sms verification… what can I do? 😦

15 09 2010

I am unable to register for sipgate due to the sms verification… So I set up pbxes as shown above along with my IPKALL number.. And when I type in my ipkall number in sipgate registration to receive the sms verification I get nothing… I am confused and have been rereading both tutorials and using ineffective trial and error. I did however manage to verify my gv number using ipkall and ur old tutorial. I would greatly appreciate any help.

5 10 2010

Since sipsorcery is closed or costs $50 on ebay, is there away around using it? I am a VOIP newb and have no idea what I am doing just following your guide. GV Acct=Y Sipdroid Acct=Yes


25 10 2010
Kyle Dincler

First, let me thank you for all of the time and work you put into this. But I am very frustrated. I followed, to the T, every single instruction you listed in this post. But I cannot connect a few dots, and have no clue how to make it all work.

I already had a GV number.

I setup SIPGate, got a free number, setup the main line and extension.

I setup SIPSorcery, added everything there, with sample calling plan, etc.

I setup PBXes, trunks, extension, in and outbound.

Then you wrote DONE! But I have no clue how I’m done. I have SIPDroid on my phone. How do I tie this all up with my GV number and SIPDroid? I entered the username and password that is shown on PBXes under SIP Extension into one of the SIPDroid SIP Accounts.

I’ve even gone back through and made sure everything is correct, and it is!

That’s all I’ve got. SIPDroid is not self-explanatory, and it’s very discouraging to follow your lengthy instructions just to be dead in the water now. Could you spare some time and explain to me the remaining steps I need to take so that I can use Google Voice on my Motorola DROID to make phone calls over 3G/WiFi? I would appreciate it IMMENSELY!


28 10 2010

So – SipSorcery no longer providing new accounts.
being a neophyte with all this I’m wondering if there’s any other option?

let me know if you can.

1 11 2010

Hello, thanks for this information. I was wondering if you knew of an alternative to SipSorcery for the purposes outlined above, since it is expensive to get an invite?

23 11 2010


11 12 2010

Ok, can you create two separate guides: One guide for SipGate and the other using IPKall? This guide becomes very confusing when you combine both guides. I have no idea what to do with the IPKall guide as it shows a few vague instructions (also not sure if I should partially follow above instructions before SipGate). Ok, I think I’m confusing myself even more, so I’ll stop here and hope you can create two separate guides. 🙂

11 12 2010

Please disregard my previous post, it seems that SipSorcery is not accepting new accounts and I can’t seem to get SipGate to work. Will search for alternatives.

20 12 2010

I confess I am very confused. I have an Android phone and have successfully connected it to SipGate using SipDroid. SipGate gives me a static U.S. telephone number. Calls to that number ring to my Android phone through SipDroid. But the other party with whom I am trying to communicate lives in Japan (and uses an iPhone). SipGate recognizes her Japanese IP address and, so, will not allow her to get SipGate. Only calls between SipGate users are free.

I do understand the role of Google Voice, SipSorcery, PBXs.org, or IPKall in this setup or whether any of these services would permit my girlfriend in Japan to call my SipGate number by VOIP.

Please help. I’m at my wits end. I’ve tried Nimbuzz, Fring, etc., and none have worked as well as SipDroid.

26 12 2010

I would like to thank you very much for the work and the advice/guidance that you have provided but SIPSORCERY doesn’t accept new accounts. Can you please suggest another provider or a work-around. Thanks in advance!!!

9 01 2011
muhammad rizwan

Hi, good tutorial.

there are some points that are confusing me.

For me first step is to connect ipkall, pbxes and sipdroid so that i can receive the confirmation sms from sipgate,

1- i need to create an extension? ( as this isnt mentioned in ipkall section but u r reffering t an extension there )

2- Do i need to create outboud rout also? because on pbxes help it says u need to create atleast 1 inbound and 1 outbound rout.

3- how ipkall is linked to pbxes and then to sipdroid, in my understanding ( pardon me if i am wrong coz i am a newb ) it goes like

in ipkall
SIP Phone Number: myuser-33 ( this is the extension that we created in pbxes ) connects us to pbxes? or we just need to give pbxes user name here?

in sipdropid : we give the user name = extension and pass = password for that extension.

this is my first day to dive into this voip world:S i have installed sipdroid on my android phone and configured a user with user and pass as (extension and extension pass), however i am not sure how it will tell me wether i am logged in or not and how i can be sured that ipkall, pbxes and sipdroid are configured correctly for to me receive calls on us number given by ipkall.

and many many thanks in advance ( i will be very ver thankful if u can send me reply to my email also as i am afraid that i will loose this blog’s link )

16 01 2011
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8 03 2011
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14 03 2011
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29 02 2012
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17 06 2013
Mohammid Muza

you have to have a PAID SIP to MAKE calls. You can get inbound calls using your ipKall number for free but no out bound until you pay.

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