Original Sipdroid/GV Guide (from XDA)

I was asked to write out more detailed instructions on my Sipdroid/GV setup that will work from anywhere. The Sipdroid Primer thread was very helpful while I was getting my configuration working. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out.

These instructions will explain how to get Sipdroid and Google Voice set up so you can use your Android phone with only WiFi or 3g/Edge (no cellular minutes). It also provides a solution to get Google Voice accounts validated for people who lack a US phone number.


  • Google Voice account. If you don’t already have one get an invite and be very, very patient.
  • US Phone Number to validate the Google Voice account IPKall is a popular choice for free inbound calling. I have used them for several years with no complaints
  • SIP account(s) to forward your ipkall number to. There are lots of SIP providers out there. I originally used sip2sip.info The Sipdroid Primer lists a few others if you would like to try one of them. *The Answer External SIP calls page of the PBXes wiki explains how you can set up direct calling to your extension. This is the method I use now. <- I also added how to do this to the guide
  • PBXes account Unless you want to use gizmo5 or hunt down another SIP provider that Sipdroid connects to well. Nothing against gizmo btw, but I just didn’t feel like paying for CID & they charged for it when I wrote this. You can also set up more sip accounts through PBXes. For instance I have another sip account I used just for outbound pstn calling before I got my voice invite.
  • GV Appcan be found on the market. The official Google Voice app will not work well for this setup.
  • Sipdroid(full) Get it from the google code page if you want to be able to use it on 3g/EDGE*please be aware not all cellular providers allow SIP use over their data networks. You may violate your terms of service agreement if you do this, so be sure to disable 3g/EDGE in sipdroid if you are worried about this.

How to get it all working:

Configure IPKall
log into your ipkall account and enter your SIP number and server information.

(updated) to route calls directly to PBXes: Enter your-pbxes-extention as sip# and pbxes.com as the sip proxy.

Set up your PBXes.org account

Create a SIP trunk (repeat if you have more than one SIP account you would like to use)

Configure the trunks
Add one for each sip provider you will be using.

Create SIP extension(s)

Create Ring Groups (sorry no pics)
Only required if you plan to forward calls directly to PBXes from your DID provider (ex: IPKall>PBXes>Android Phone)

Ring group 1 should include the extension(s) you wish use direct forwarding with. (your Sipdroid ext)
Ring group 2 can include any extensions, but will not accept direct calls

To further explain.

RG1: gurnted-00

RG2: gurnted-00

If you dialed gurnted-00@pbxes.org from sipdroid, it will only ring ext gurnted-00 if it is in Ring Group 1.
Extensions in Ring group 2 are only reachable by dialing the number of the trunk(s) you have routed to it. They can not be reached with a @pbxes.org suffix. So I would have to dial mynumber@sip2sip.info to reach extension gurnted-200, but could reach extension gurnted-00 either way.

Configure Inbound Routing

(updated method)
Add a route with your-extension as the trunk name
set destination to ring group 1
Add a route with (blank) as the trunk name *pbxes no longer uses the / it uses a blank trunk instead
set destination to ring group 2

Configure Outbound Routing not required for use with GV APP. This can however be used to setup an outbound route for Sipdroid. just enter the settings of your sip provider and it should work

Google Voice:Set your IPkall number as a forwarding # for google voice and select mobile as the type. If the validation call doesn’t detect the dtmf you enter from sipdroid try logging into your SIP account with an app such as xten or ekiga and answer the call using one of those apps.

GV and Sipdroid:
Now that all the hard work is done just configure the software on the phone and you should be good to go.

  • Sipdroid PBXes is the default for Sipdroid so simply enter the username and password for the extention you created (for instance I used 200 as the extension and my account name is gurnted so the username would be gurnted-200) Also select SIP as preferred call method if you like. If you choose sip as preferred call method your dialer will not make normal cellular network calls unless you set up an exclude patern on sipdroid.
  • GV app asks for a “callback” number during setup. Set this as your IPKall # Also select “Call Back” as calling method, rather than “Direct Dial” If you want to use Google Voice for all your calls just select the route all calls through Google Voice button in GV app settings. *GV app is no longer on market. There are a few free apps that do callback or hunt down an old copy of GV if you really still want to use it

To place calls that use sip you must set the route all calls through google voice button to checked in the GV app. This is usually the best option because it’s free when callback goes to sipdroidBy free I mean no minute plan usage, sip to pstn termination charges, or long distance charges(in google voice’s free areas)
Otherwise you must select sip as preferred call method in Sipdroid. If you choose to use sipdroid to dial numbers you need to have a sip provier configured for outbound at PBXes. Most sip providers charge for outbound calls to pstn numbers such as landlines and cellular, so be sure your balance is enough to make the call.

Keep in mind that Sipdroid and Google Voice are finished products. So this does not work perfectly. I can say however that I dropped my “calling” plan over 3 months ago and haven’t missed a call or SMS using only Wifi and the G1 Data plan from T-Mobile. Signal effects quality of calls alot more than normal cell calls, but you get what you pay for I guess. Either way my bill went down to $24.99 a month so I have no complaints.

Another thing I would like to mention is Evan Charlton has discontiued work on the GV app so it’s up to the OS contributers to fix things now. At the time I am writing this SMS is having some issues when using GV on Donut. Causes force close 3 out of 4 times. I am not skilled enough (yet) to fix the code, so I have been using “Google Voice” app for SMS. I set “GV” to only check for messages daily, and set “Do not use google voce to place calls” in the “Google Voice” app. Yeah yeah I know. Like we really needed to add a third app to this clusterf*** of a solution. Maybe one day I’ll learn enough to make an all-in-one app to handle this stuff for us, but for now this way seems to work.


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28 09 2010
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[…] to work is beyond me. I've setup accounts on pbxes, sip2sip, and IPKall as suggested in this guide but I can't verify anything is working. If someone could guide us in setting up voip on a android […]

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