WTF does Lady Gaga have to do with Android devices, or rather How bad must that new album suck?

24 05 2011

I was rather surprised yesterday when I noticed an odd promotion Amazon was doing. They were offering a free item with the purchase of a new HTC handset, but it wasn’t your usual freebie that gets tossed in with a new phone. Nope, they didn’t offer a free bluetooth, charger, case, or anything practical. They were throwing in a free copy of the new Lady Gaga CD (oh and a digital download of it too). Huh? WTF does that have to do with…ah nevermind

So anyhow, a day passes, and I get an email from Amazon. Here’s what it said

Dear Customer,As a valued Amazon Student member, you might like to know we have Lady Gaga’s brand-new album “Born This Way” for just $0.99 today only at Amazon MP3. With the purchase of this or any other album customers also get an automatic upgrade to 20 GB of storage on Amazon Cloud Drive.

“Born This Way” is the Amazon MP3 Daily Deal. The Daily Deal price is just $0.99. This price is valid May 23, 2011 only.

So basically they are now trying to bribe me into taking this album by making it dirt cheap, and reminding me about the 15GB upgrade to the cloud music service they have. How bad can this publicity whore’s music really be that they would have to throw the thing at people like this just to boost the sales. Her music hasn’t sparked my interest enough to really have an opinion about it one way or the other, but the marketing tactic was so nicely executed, that I might take them up on the offer.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the situation. Anyone with the slightest bit of musical taste can agree that over half of what the industry churns out is complete, and utter bullshit. Talentless puppets who could care less about freedom of expression, or lack the ability to muster the thoughts required to understand or create true art. Yet they keep feeding them to the public (who have been trained to eat up whatever scraps are thrown to them) and they keep getting paid off these foolish “artists”.  No wonder the big labels are scared shitless of the digital media era,  file sharing, and the likes.

So sales are down, and people are more informed about the products they purchase. What’s the best way to counter this? Include the (below projected sales) album with MUCH more appealing products. That way the numbers go through the roof. Now they don’t have to worry so much about the quality because the sales and chart position will be so hyped it will inspire others to buy. Great idea, but ya kinda gotta feel bad for all the people who are going to have to grin and say “ooh just what I wanted!” when sub-par shit like this is gifted to them.

BTW a similar method is being used to boost Amazon appstore download numbers.




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