How to get free Everything (calls, text, and data) from T-Mobile US

13 01 2011

About 2 years ago I got a new T-Mobile account to go with the G1 I scooped off craigslist. Not long after I got this account I noticed a major loophole that I took full advantage of ever since. In fact it is what inspired me to get a good SIP setup to begin with, as well as an Android device for my wife.

See when  you get a contract plan from t-mo they will cut your outgoing calls,  outgoing sms, and all data.

If you happen to be a FlexPay (or month-to-month) customer they cut ALL Calls & SMS but leave data active. They will leave it active for as long as you keep your SIM card active. To keep your SIM active, all you need to do is add a $10 prepaid card to your FlexAccount every 89 days (day 90 = cancel account).  Yes this even works with the new EvenMore type FlexPay plans.

So wait…How the hell is $10 every 3 months free? Okay cheapskate. Since you want to complain about $3.33 a month (BTW that’s $1.11 for those with 3 lines Heehee) You can still use that $10 to make .10(alright make that .30 now) a min prepaid calls + sms when you are not in good coverage area to use SIP.  BAAAAAAM!  Pimp that carrier.

For those who were not paying attention:

T-Mobile US+FlexPay+Android+My Guide to SIP/GV setup = FREE CALLING, TEXT,  and DATA

If you are still thinking about getting a contract, look at it like this.

New Top of the line Android handset off contract   $200-$600
 The eight $10 refill cards+ 1st month service     +$160
                                               =    $360-760
Contract would have cost you                   - $1920-$3600
                              so you saved     = $1560-$2840

Compare that to the average of 2-4 hundred they offer as incentive to get a contract.




2 responses

7 03 2011

just so I’m clear:

1. I pay for my first month of FlexPay service.
2. I don’t pay for it the 2nd month. I simply get a $10 prepaid every 89 days…
3. Free data + Voip = unlimited everything?

is that all? any complications?

31 03 2011

Yup exactly

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