12 06 2010

Welcome everyone!

My guides were exceeding bandwidth limits, so I decided to move them to a blog. Aside from the bw issues, this allows me to better format the posts, and all that good stuff.

I apologize for the delay. I know I said things would be updated as soon as I got home. I was kinda on vacation in the mountains with no signal.

Anyhow, without further delay. I shall get the old guides posted & start working on some new stuff to clear up some confusion.




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23 07 2010


I’m trying to follow your guide to set up the SIP stuff and there are a lot of things that don’t match your pictures. For instance in the phone are my cell phone number(not the one given by SIPGate) turn on green color while my GV-Sipdroid voip line remains red.

Second it is not clear for me when I modify the simple plan file what is my extension. Is it the real one for my phone, or is the one received with the new number (e.g. 415-…-….)?

Third, should I add my real phone number to sipgate settings?

Thank you

8 08 2010
jerry pittam

thanks for the detailed guide. Your step-by-step makes it easy for a novice to follow along. I have run into a snag in trying to set up sipdroid and gvoice: I think I have sipgate set up successfully, but sipsorcery is not accepting new accounts! I went ahead and set up PBXes, trying to substitute sipgate for sipsorcery, but obviously it isn’t working.
Is there a workaround/substitute for sipsorcery?
I will be traveling to Europe this fall and want to make free wifi calls back to the States from my Motorola Droid.
I am good at following directions, but really don’t understand any of the technology involved in setting this up! Thanks for all your help!
If I am asking for help in the wrong place, please accept my apologies; I really am a novice at all this.

12 01 2011

Hello, first off thanks for all your time and effort. I am new to the droid world and would like to ask this, once I set this up will I be able to toggle from wifi to regular call mode> I work offshore and if and when I have a signal they kill me on roaming charges, but back on land I would like to go back to original number. look forward to seeing your updates

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